Our Team

Sultan Hatab – Founder & CEO of the Aafiyah Project
Medical Student at King’s College London

“The Aafiyah Project was put together because we believe there is an inherent need in the Muslim Community to tackle issues pertaining to mental health & wellbeing; most of it stemming from ignorance about the topic. So many people have fabricated this dichotomy between people experiencing mental health issues and being Muslim; the previous narrative that was being disseminated is false, counterproductive, and dangerous. The effects of it can still be seen today.
I wanted to be part of something which counters this narrative and spreads goodness according to the sound teachings from the Qur’aan and Sunnah. I had taken the initiative since 2014 to start talking about my own experiences with mental health and using the education I’ve been blessed with to deliver a correct stance. My main interests are working with Islamic Societies at Universities and Mosques; delivering talks and training to help student welfare. I also have a keen interest in Male mental health as I feel that isn’t talked about much.”

Zahra Samih
BA in Psychology from University College London
MSc Mental Health from King’s College London

“I joined the Aafiyah Project to make a real and tangible difference to mental health in the Muslim community, through outreach to our faith and community hubs, and directly working with people. I am passionate about targeting the stigma through Islamic education, and disseminating mental health knowledge to all Muslims. This way we can be empowered Muslims who are strong and healthy physically and mentally to fulfill our Islamic duties and be the best Muslims we can!
I’m particularly interested in training community leaders in mental health and resilience from a religious and academic perspective, to impact all generations and have a lasting effect. I’m also keen to work towards research in the Muslim community, an often underrepresented and understudied group.”

Hanaa Amaidia
Medical Student at King’s College London

“My motivation to be part of the Aafiyah Project stemmed from wanting to be able to make a tangible difference in the Muslim community; I believe the members in the team have the structure, expertise, and support to do so. I’m really passionate about mental health and how we can use a holistic approach (religious, physical, mental) to problem solve/deal with issues.
I’m particularly interested in women’s issues/struggles the mental, physical and emotional. I hope to use my skills to educate, empower and validate women in the Muslim community.”

Ujala Ilyas
BA in Psychology from University College London
MSc in Mental Health from King’s College London

Hadil Arman
Sociology with Psychology BA

“I joined the Aafiyah Project because of the core Islamic principles it aims to implement in the work of mental well-being. It aligns perfectly with my hope to being a part of something our community needs – to the best of my ability. Some of the things I aspire to achieve through my position with Aafiyah Project are; the active change on how mental health is viewed and understood in our community. Bringing together and building a bridge between core Islamic principles and the psychological field/understanding of mental health. Raise awareness amongst all types of people, ages, backgrounds within our community so that they are better equipped when dealing with this very prevalent issue, starting on a micro level.
I have experience working in different fields including charity department coordination and teaching at A-Level and will be undergoing further studies.”

Shaykh Yousaf Jahangir – Lead for Islamic Knowledge and Consultancy
Student at Islamic University of Madinah