Our Vision and Mission

Mental Health & Well-being are fundamental parts of the human experience, the problems that arise in those fields can be managed if those with a sound education can step forward and take action. 

We believe that by being proactive in our work, we can reach, educate, and empower many, predominantly Muslim, people to understand the realities of Islamic Mental Health thus changing their perceptions and collective narrative. Our work is important to us as many of us have first hand seen/experienced the consequences that ignorance creates. 

Muslims should be at the forefront of healthcare and, in particular, Mental Health. The first hospital dedicated to treating those with Mental Health Issues was founded and developed in the 9th Century in Baghdad. Our long term mission is to educate others to incorporate an Orthodox Islamic approach into a holistic treatment of Mental Health; to equip Imams and other Muslim community leaders to work side by side with primary care services; and to start changing a narrative, both socially and academically, by producing literature and enabling platforms for discussion.

 مَنْ دَلَّ عَلَى خَيْرٍ فَلَهُ مِثْلُ أَجْرِ فَاعِلِهِ 
Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a similar reward.

~ The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

Saheeh Muslim